Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

One of the areas that I specialize in is providing pregnancy and postpartum support. I assist both men and women in coping with parenthood and all the changes that occur following pregnancy. Aspen Hills Psychology works to prevent the exacerbation of depressive or anxiety symptomology during pregnancy as well as following the birth.

Postpartum and Pregnancy SupportHave you ever asked yourself:

  • Why do I feel so conflicted when this is supposed to be a happy time?
  • Are all parents this overwhelmed?
  • How come I don’t feel connected with my child?
  • Are my symptoms normal? Is this baby blues or postpartum depression?
  • What can I do for my partner who appears to have postpartum depression?
  • How come parenthood has been so challenging for me?

Please don’t continue to struggle alone. I am a highly trained professional who has helped many women and men cope with postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD. Please call to inquire more regarding the services we offer for pregnancy and postpartum support.

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